For the first time, you can easily manage and organize your lymphoma-related information in one place. Access a full suite of tools to help manage your health care and make the most of your doctor appointments. Save yourself time and energy to focus on what will always be important: yourself and your loved ones.

Medicine Manager

Easily view all of your medication and track your medicine schedule in one place. Set reminders for yourself and keep track of your dosages and progress in the calendar.


Symptoms Tracker

Track the severity of your symptoms as often as you need to make reviewing progress with your doctor easier. Add notes to remind yourself of topics to bring up and review at your next appointment. Visualizing progress just became possible with the weekly and monthly views in this tracker.

Blood Counts

Keep a record of your complete blood count (CBC) results to track your progress. Add notes for your personal knowledge or review them with your doctor at your next appointment. Don’t know what a particular test result means? Ask your doctor and add the helpful information into your notes.


Doctor Sessions

Find everything you need for your next doctor session all in one place. Easily review your tracked data, notes and questions. A great deal of information is reviewed during appointments; with the Focus on Lymphoma app and your doctor’s consent, you may record each session and review as often as have need.